Pupils immerse themselves in companies that are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), thus providing social innovation, being better for the environment and initiating positive change in communities. In theory and practice, they work around the concepts of circular economy, cradle to cradle design, platform economy and sharing economy.



Entrepreneurship does not usually consider community and societal values


Practice cradle to cradle pupil projects


Review and critique CSR, circular economy etc.


SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth; SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure; SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Open Learning Activities

Key concepts

  • Social Enterprise
  • Village businesses
  • Relocation
  • The solidarity economy
  • Citizen Participation

Learning outcomes

  • Describes social innovation principles & examples
  • Explains cycles of circular economy
  • Names examples of value based enterprises at local, national & global levels
  • Describe business model for value-based enterprise
  • Explains the principles of a blue economy
  • Describes concept, origin and of sharing economy
  • Names organisations & networks supporting regenerative projects & value-based enterprises
  • Describes attitudes, values & skills of value based entrepreneur
  • Feels into & expresses changes value-based enterprises & sharing economy bring to lifestyles & understanding of economy
  • Envisions in a group business model for value based enterprise
  • Envisions in group work economic of sustainable local economy
  • Present examples of circular economy in life-cycle of specific product
  • Designs product using Cradle to Cradle principles
  • Visit value based enterprise
  • Conducts an experiment to eat only local food for a period of time & reports to group / class
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