1.1 Communication & Social Skills


The skills taught in this module give students the ability to know themselves, to lead and to cooperate within a group. They practice – and reflect on – their own roles and behaviour and on a wide range of methodologies for managing group and decision-making processes.



Communication skills are the basis of collaboration between humankind. Good communication skills support the success of every action implemented by groups of people. They are inevitable in the future education which aims to find solutions to the common global crisis. 


This module is a preparation for life. As the success of humankind is dependent on fruitful and caring communication, there is a need to learn this valuable skill. This module helps to get practice and play role games for preparing for future life situations. 


The pupil gets knowledge about human psychology and group dynamics. He/she joins group work in different contexts and roles: group leader, participant, organiser etc. He/she experiences different phases of group processes: chaos, conflict, collaboration, order. He/she learns to accept the feelings and practices forgiving. The pupil practices the group work tools for overcoming the obstacles and reaching the goals. 


SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities; SDG 4: Quality Education; SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing; SDG16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 


Psychology/humanities, Social studies, Languages, Arts, Biology

Open Learning Activities

Learning outcomes

  • How emotions, concepts and patterns can influence a person
  • Basic knowledge of psychology (different human types and personalities, motivation, self-regulation, emotions, interpersonal relations etc)
  • Conflict-solving, group working & decision making methods
  • Experiencing conflict, resilience and failure as well as finding solutions in a group work
  • Group work with different groups (e.g. close friends, classmates etc.)
  • Experienced talking from open heart
  • Deep listening skills
  • The value of forgiving
  • Awareness of his/her emotions & overcoming the related obstacles
  • Group work during a longer process or project (2-4 months) both as team member & group leader
  • Group decision-making processes (e.g. democracy, sociocracy, consensus)
  • Talking stick circles as participant & leader/holder
  • Decision-making circle (planning, deciding, feedback, reflection, evaluation)
  • Dragon dreaming
  • 2-4 conflict solving/2-4 group working & 2-4 decision-making methods
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