4.2 WHO AM I?


The important core question ‘Who am I?’ includes understanding the difference between your role in life and the core of your being, including awareness of emotions, thoughts, reactions, inspiration, intuition, etc. Using ‘The Hero’s Journey’, explore with students their purpose and mission in life and have them write or tell about their own journey.



To better understand oneself and observe one’s mind, emotions and body, because then one is more free to make choices 


Learning about consciousness, various meditation and mindfulness practices. 


Ask with an open mind the question ‘ Who am I?’ and be open and bold when the answers might challenge your beliefs. 


SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being; 



Learning outcomes

  • Describe different theories of consciousness
  • Understand universal patterns visible at different scales e.g. spiral, trees etc.
  • Describe the ‘Hero’s Journey’ or similar rite of passage theory
  • Experience interconnection with all beings
  • Explore life purpose & how it can change during lifetime
  • Complete & reflect on Hero Journey or similar to explore deep meaning /mission in one’s own life
  • Observe & differentiate inner phenomena
  • Solo / vision quest in nature exploring inner goals
  • Meditation & visualisation practices

Open Learning Activities

Key concepts

  • The ecological self
  • Awakening of consciousness
  • Spiritual exercises such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga
  • Becoming a co-creator of evolution
  • Similarities of religions
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